About Road Dog Music Group

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The Road Dog Music Group is proud to present a new kind of music experience. James “The Road Dog” Walker has been involved in the music scene for a long time and finally decided it was time to start something fresh. It’s a vision to build... The Road Dog Pack!

When you choose to become a part of the “The Pack”, you get more out of music! We organize local concerts with your favourite entertainers at intimate venues – with an exclusive number of tickets! It’s about creating an atmosphere where everyone feels VIP and nobody has to sit in “the nose bleeds”. Food and drinks are served around the room (no waiting in lines!), no problems with parking space, and hotel rooms at preffered Road Dog Pack room rates – just because you are a part of The Road Dog Pack!

Just as important, this gives our local up-and-coming artists a great opportunity to open for big stars!

Join our Facebook & Twitter pages, and come back to the website regularly for concert listings, video interviews, show pictures, podcasts and much more! Become part of The Road Dog Pack today!


James “The Road Dog” Walker

"Over the years I spent a lot of time working with rock bands, Almost Seven years working for Quality Records, and I’ve Interviewed a number of big acts from all over the world on the Road Dog Show. I also spent a number of years as a booking agent for a number of Great Indie bands that I knew had a chance at the big show . 

I spent a number of years doing The Road Dog Radio Show @ 100.3 Sound Fm (a great place to hear the World of Sounds & People. I also spent two years helping as president - rebuilding the Station after the Waterloo Feds told the World they didn't need Radio any more . The station is stronger then ever today!

Today I spend most of my time working on The Road Dog Music Group, interviewing crazy music groups . I'm always looking for new talent to play on our our web site and my pod cast, so if you've got the bolts send me a copy of your CD's, and if I like it I may ask you to open at one of the concerts the Road Dog Music Group puts on a number of times a year. The Road Dog Pack is always ears up for a new sound that no one has ever heard before - always looking for the next musical trend.

You’ve read at the top of the page what the Road Dog Music Group is all about, and I’m super stoked to watch this baby grow – creating a more unique and personal music experience for more and more people! I hope you join The Pack!

Keep it Loud and Proud...”